Universities for Online English Major Degrees

Online English Major DegreesHave you been anxious about completing your English major degree for some time? You could consider signing up for a great English major bachelor’s degree completion program at any of several respected US colleges that allow you to fulfill your requirements entirely online. The prices are just right, the learning programs are flexible to help you find time in a busy schedule, and the courses allow you every kind of specialization that you could think of. Let’s look at some of these online English degree courses to see how well they answer your needs.

Consider first, the English major bachelor’s degree completion program at the Indiana University (East). This is a program for students who have at least an associate’s degree, a 2.0 GPA, and a minimum of 60 credits that they can transfer to the program. It takes two years to complete an online English degree program here at the Indiana University (East) and they offer courses in writing, and the humanities. They have so many choices here, that they allow you to contribute to your degree with summer courses.

The Minnesota State University at Mankato goes a step further and offers you a master’s degree in English that you can complete online all through. Among the selection of options that you can take up is a particularly attractive one of technical communication that has proven to be quite popular. If you have a background in literature, this could be just the right choice for you. The great thing about the entry requirements stipulated for this course is the fact that they don’t require that you come in through a GRE test. The prices are reasonable, and you can choose to do a thesis for no more than 30 credits. You can also choose to complete an internship (which counts previous work experience if you have it).

If you’re looking to get on with a partially finished English degree, the University of Illinois at Springfield offers you a great completion program for an online English degree. If you have an associate’s degree from previous courses done, you just need 61 credits to complete this program. They require you to come in with a certain number of literature course credits and English composition course credits though. The best part about going to the University of Illinois is though that they charge about the most affordable fees of any online English degree in the country.